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Tackle procrastination, overcome your all-or-nothing beliefs & be authentically YOU with this Revivify ME product!


Perfectionism is not easy to live with and you may not know how to start living a more balanced life. This workbook will kickstart your journey to relax your perfectionism and enjoy more success.


If you identify as a ‘perfectionist’, you may be someone who puts a lot of pressure on yourself to meet your own high standards. You may also be self-critical and have an intense fear of failure and making mistakes.


I designed this Workbook to help you reduce your perfectionistic traits.


“How can this be helpful to me?” you ask. Well, perfectionists tie their self-worth to their performance at work, their ‘success’ as a parent or other external factors. This can be a highly stressful way to live.


How do I know this? I have lived this way personally for a good portion of my life! Allow me to help you navigate to your authentic self!


There is FREEDOM in accepting yourself!

Overcoming Perfectionism Workbook

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