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Setting goals can be an enjoyable process. It can be inspiring, exciting and gives you purpose - all at once.  Let me show you how with this guided goals setting workbook.


Gone are the days when we had to sit with a planner and write out goals for the next 12 months which we have to ‘discipline’ ourselves to reach. Doesn’t sound like much fun, right?


I want to inspire you to create goals which excite you, give you purpose and allow you to smell the roses and enjoy the journey. Much of reaching our goals is about appreciating the beauty and taking pleasure in the journey, day by day.


I want to affirm you that it is okay to tweak your goals as the months pass. Life happens, our interests and our motivations may change as time goes by. In this Workbook, I encourage you to review your goals every 3 months.


If your goals remain the same, that is great! If you want to adjust your goals to fit your situation, you are free to do so.


Cheers to setting and achieving goals which align with our highest purpose.

Goal Setting Workbook with Guided Instructions

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