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This introductory module workbook explores what anxiety is and how it develops to become part of our daily lives.  You will look at the difference between normal worries and concerns and anxiety that start to affect your life in a deeper way.


Worbook Includes:


Introduction to course and Resourceful Information in each module.   Total of 5 modules including the follwing topics:

What is Anxiety?
Symptoms of anxiety
Anxiety symptom tracker worksheet
Reaching out for help 
Worrying information page
Worry challenge worksheets 1 and 2
Worry and Anxiety information page
Physical activity information page
Therapeutic movement information page
Activities Assessment worksheet
Weekly movement log
Guided imagery information page
Guided imagery information sheet
Guided imagery worksheet
Grounding yourself activity sheet
Routines and comfort information sheet
Morning positive thoughts activity sheet
Seven day positivity sheet
Daily planner sheet


Most of us suffer from anxiety at some point in our life but it doesn't have to be something that takes over your life.


This course teaches you how to reduce and manage feelings of anxiety and live a calmer and more relaxed life.


With Friendship and Love,

~Kelly Savage, Your Life Coach

Anxiety Workbook - A Resource Guide

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