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What If. Two words that can cause anxiety, confusion, and bombard you with never-ending thoughts.


In a world that recommends you to stay away from those what if thoughts and suggestions of how to stop those cycles in your life, welcome to a book that can change your perspective by introducing the exact opposite.


"Always Ask..What If?" book and included workbook promises a different way of thinking and living a life of asking yourself one question routinely. That's right. Always ask, what if?


Controversial suggestion? Debatable? Maybe.


Thought-provoking? Interesting? Hopefully.


The idea is to not get stuck in destructive "what ifs," but to excitedly think that a "what if" thought could help you regain power that you didn't even know you had lost along the way, or maybe never had, to allow transformation in your life and open up doors to enjoying your life more each and every day.


There is a new, blank canvas awaiting the artist in you. By the different perspectives you will learn in this book and your choices that await you each day, your canvas becomes your art piece and your life becomes a whole new world that continuously opens up right in front of you.


Dive In. Allow this book and the included workbook take you on a journey of new chapters, discovering personal growth and different perspectives that promise life-changing experiences.

Always Ask..What If? Book with Included Workbook

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  • Take yourself on a journey that promises the "what if" questions can be life-changing!

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