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"You're Killing Me"

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

I think we have all heard the phrase “You’re killing me”.

From the movie “Sandlot”, we jokingly use the phrase “You’re killing me Smalls”.

It’s funny. Makes me laugh.

I have said it.

More than once.

So, what made yesterday different when I heard these same words?

Today was different when I heard the phrase.

Let’s call it a reflective moment, growth, light bulb moment, or whatever we want to label it.

I was spending time with my granddaughter and my friend, and we were having a blast. Laughing and enjoying the pool at the level of an almost 3-year-old.

You see, 3-year-olds see the world so differently than we do as adults.

I will insert here – we should see the world in the eyes of a 3-year-old more often.

My how our perspectives and life would change. More on that later.

Picture this.

3-year-old. In the pool. You do something that they laugh at and are happy with, and what do they do? You hear “Do it again!’ “Do it again!”

Amid the laughter and the “do it again” moments my friend said, “You’re killing me” jokingly as my granddaughter asked her to go under the water again and again.

I laughed. Mostly at the thought of her going under for the 20th time and it wasn’t me at that moment.

Before you know, we were all laughing but perhaps for different reasons.


Butterfly Thought flew in.

Those thoughts that just transform and makes your perspectives open up for some bit of change in our lives.

I halted the fun for a moment, and I said to my friend. “Wow, that just really hit me. I mean really hit me when you said that”.

I explained further as she gave me a look of confusion.

I stated that words are powerful. Words mean things. Words can bring happiness, despair. They have energy, power, and the ability to help, hurt, harm or humiliate. Even ourselves.

There we are in the pool, laughing, carrying on like we were all 3 years old and enjoying and feeling alive.

So, why not say, “You’re keeping me alive, Smalls” or “You are making me feel alive, Smalls”. Because, honestly, that is what was happening. We were having more fun in the pool than we ever have.

She looked at me and it was like the light bulb just went on in her head as well. Her response, “Why DON’T we say things like that. It feels so much better!”

What does this have to do with you?

I don’t know. But I know what it did to me and my friend. It transformed that moment and the morning and made us think throughout the day. So, I know that it can be the same for you. It's what you do with your butter fly thoughts when they do fly in.

Our fun, in the moment, with a child, was making us feel alive, good, happy, blessed, and when we had the moment of realization of the power of a few simple words, our morning skyrocketed into a different realm.

The power of words to ourselves and to others matter.

What are you saying to yourself? What are you saying in conversations? Does it help? Does it hinder? Does it support you in what you want? Does it help you with the goals you desire?

Take inventory. You might be surprised. It might open doors and different perspectives. It might make you want to change your words which could be changing your now, your future, your moods, and your life.

If nothing else, do it for yourself.

Until next time,

Kelly Savage

Your Life Coach

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