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Unfamiliar Roads Made Peaceful - From the “After the Sermon” series

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

After the Sermon Series - “Unfamiliar Roads Made Peaceful”

My little nugget of truth hit me on a Saturday this time.

Yes, it can come at anytime if we allow ourselves to be open enough to receive what God is showing us, telling us or nudging us to see.

It also came to me in a form of a little nugget, my granddaughter, Adalynn.  ❤️

I was babysitting her for the first time overnight for her mommy and daddy to attend a wedding out of town.

She loves her routine and I wasn’t quite sure if bedtime would go smoothly since mommy and daddy were not home.

But bedtime came, and so did her tiredness.  I know sometimes she likes to be rocked, sometimes not so much and certainly wasn’t sure how she would react she mommy wasn’t the one putting her to bed.

We set up for the stair climb and brushing of the teeth and it was going really smoothly.  I just kept on trucking on and desiring to make her feel comfortable knowing this could be very unfamiliar to her or even a little rough spot.

Brushing of the teeth, check.

Pajamas, check.

Bedtime tickles, check.

Quiet atmosphere, check.


Now it was the time.  I asked her if she wanted me to rock her.  And in her cute little voice, came her cute little “yeah”.

My heart melted for a second since these times don’t always happen and a grandmother doesn’t always get to have those moments.

We sat in the rocker and I started to rock her.  For the first minute or two, you could tell she wanted me to hold her and rock her by her squeezes, but also at the same time, she couldn’t quite get comfortable.

My desire was certainly to make her comfortable so she could rest.  That was the one thought that was in my mind.

There it came. That quick. The butterfly thought.

I heard the whispers of God saying, “Yes, I want you to rest in me at times too.  I love when my children come and rest especially if they are walking unfamiliar roads or not quite at ease.  Sometimes it feels uncomfortable for them at first since it isn’t the normal thing to do but rather, they rely on their own strength and squirm a bit with unease”.

I thought, “Wow”.  Isn’t that the truth?  We go about our own business just like a toddler who is becoming their own personality, branching off when they don’t need us as much, sometimes just saying “no” to the bigger picture they don’t see or understand, or just going and going and not realizing the rest that they truly do need.  In above all, God is there, wanting us to rest in Him, feeing that comfort  and knowing we are taken care of by His arms.

If you need to, read that again.  I wanted to convey a comfort and to have my granddaughter know that I am taking care of her and things and I have her best interest at the very core of my heart.  I would have answered any and all questions (if she could convey her fears) to have her know she is safe.

How much more, with His infinite wisdom, does he know what is best for us, how to comfort us, protect us and make us at peace.

After the two minutes or so, my granddaughter settled in, buried her head in rest and let me hold her and I could feel her body resting in peace.  When I laid her down, she wasn’t quite asleep but I do know she felt safe enough to drift off.

The next time you are traveling on unfamiliar roads, shaky ground, feel uneasy, anxiety is tugging at you, my prayer is that you know your Father God’s heart is to help you through, hold you so you can rest, and bring peace to you so you are comforted.

Here’s to your unfamiliar roads being made peaceful.

Kelly Savage, Your Life Coach

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