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Goals. Commitment. You Got This.

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

What does having goals to make your life the way that you want even look like?

Do you know some goals you are reaching for? Can you think of 2 right off the bat?

If you can - write them down.

Now ponder for a moment of how to bring them about, how to get them completed, and how to stay committed in doing so.

That's right I did say committed.

Commitment to a goal list. Did I lose you? Hang in there.

Let's do this - think about the different levels of success that you want and how far you are willing to go after them. Think about all the different methods you can come up with so that you are using your best interest to be as successful as possible. What about the goals that you have always had and the fire has been lost. Passions? Long awaited dreams?

Being committed is a key step and is going to be something that anyone who is serious about his or her success should do.

Commitment. This step is going to be one that takes you over the top and gives you the ability to be as successful as possible at any goal you have.

There is nothing in life that you cannot do. Yes, read it again. There is NOTHING in life you cannot do.

Now take a moment and imagine you have no goals, no direction, no desires to get to that next step or fulfilling a dream or passion. Felt yucky, huh?

Ok, back to it. Let's get some goals written down. Write down at 3 small ones and 3 larger ones and then the steps to get your goals accomplished.

Being goal oriented is going to make you appreciate everything that you do in life and become more self-aware that, with the commitment, will come finished goals. Then you will become more aware that you do have the choice and the stick-to-itiveness - yes, that's a word.

Make a goal to keep saying stick-to-itiveness about yourself and your whole atmosphere around you will change. I challenge you.

Snowball effect will take place. Others will see your commitment and what you are doing. You will see it and become more excited for more goals. You will desire to achieve more and higher goals.

Don't hesitate any longer.

Sit quietly with yourself or brainstorm with friends. You got this. Let nothing stand in your way, not even yourself anymore.




  1. perseverance; persistence. synonyms: determination · resolution · firmness of purpose · fixity of purpose · purpose · purposefulness · resoluteness · single-mindedness · strength of will · strength of character · will power · firmness · intentness · decision · decidedness · steadfastness · staunchness · [more]

Say the word. Repeat the word. Repeat until it becomes a part of your vocabulary that you believe about yourself.

I believe in you. Now, you believe in you.

Can't wait to hear what your goals are!

Have a great day!

~Revivify ME, Kelly Savage

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