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DON'T CARE Freedom Moment!

Don’t Care FREEDOM!

That’s the name of this episode! Let me say it one more time louder. DON’T CARE FREEDOM!

That is exactly what I experienced tonight!

No, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about others, or things, especially things that really matter.

It is a freedom that you get when you reached a level of freedom within yourself.

I am working out of town this week and I am trying to stick to my 2 miles a day walk. Last night was a little tough since it was raining and cloudy and got dusk early so, I didn’t want to walk outside. I decided to do it inside. And yes, you can choose to walk inside if that is the only possible avenue to get the job done.

I walked 2 miles in my hotel room. I mean it. I am not lying. I have my apple app to prove it however, I guess it doesn’t show my laps as an oval shape in a 20 ft room, so therefore, you will have to just take my word on that. I chose that over not walking at all and here to encourage you that you can do the same 😊

I am sure most will find it extreme, however, I find walking stress relieving what can I say. It was a little wonky in a hotel room BUT, I did feel accomplished afterward and had a chuckle on myself.

Tonight, was different. I was walking all around a University campus. Warm for a November 1st night, but oh so beautiful. So I took full advantage.

I put my air pods on and set off. Yes, I needed to be diligently looking around with those in my ears and my music on to be safety conscious.

So, please picture this…….enjoy my video journal!

Thanks for joining!

Kelly Savage

Life Coach

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