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Beneath Me

I saw nothing but dead trees, bushes, an abandoned bus stop and many more unappealing sights.

Nothing to make me stop and admire beauty around me. There was nothing to admire.

Or was there?

I looked beneath me.

Let me explain.

I was on a walk looking for some "roses to smell" and pictures to take. For a while there was nothing to make me stop or even go "ahhhh".

I started my walk expecting, anticipating, desiring to learn something in nature, and right there, in my moment of perusing an area of trees while taking a break from climbing a hill, my eyes looked beneath and I noticed a few flowers that popped out.

Immediately, I gained a different perspective.

I inched over and I realized that the flowers were "beneath me" and normally I am just looking out straight at eye level.

Is it because I have tunnel vision, or maybe my knees hurt and I didn't want to bend down fearing I wouldn't get back up, maybe I got fixated on the negatives and wasn't looking for the positives.

Come on, we have all been there.

But, I almost missed it. I almost missed the beauty of those flowers because I didn't look beneath.

The pictures I got to capture were beautiful! And the whole area seemed a bit more beautiful than a mere 5 minutes ago.

This butterfly thought was more of a Holy Spirit whisper reminding me that we need to look at the whole picture, consider different perspectives, turn our spiritual "eyes" to different levels and to look beneath and remain aware that we are always learning.

Do we sometimes miss people, things, situations because we "think" they are beneath us.

Or, maybe we have to shift our perspective to see them?

That is where my butterfly thought took me and boy, I really did get a different perspective in an instance in nature.

So, when I was looking and anticipating a lesson, when I allowed my heart to be open and desired to hear, that is when my heart was cultivated and primed to see beauty that is beneath me.

Sometimes it is us tuning out of our tunnel vision, opening our hearts, becoming aware of lessons that need to be heard and opening up to seeing the whole picture.

Are you looking and anticipating a butterfly thought?

I encourage you to do so.

Have a great day and thanks for joining!!

~Kelly Savage

Your Life Coach

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