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Be Your Own Life Coach - Part 2!

Got Goals? Want change? Just Do it.

Be Your Own Life Coach Blog – Part 2

Last week I blogged “Be Your Own Life Coach”.

Why would I do that if I am a Life Coach. Easy. Because….. I am a Life Coach.

I love when people succeed. If that is on their own, great! If I can help by supporting and bringing insight into a situation, great!

So, here is Part 2 to help YOU with important elements to remember to be your own life coach.

Starting a new chapter, habit, retraining our brain, attaining a goal, learning a new skill, etc. etc. etc. takes work.

But first, understanding and having these 5 elements are critical in change or committed to a goal:

· Awareness – You need to become aware, within you, what is missing, what you want, desire, goals that you want to achieve, or an area you see that you need work in. Change starts with you. No one can do it for you.

· Decision – A decision needs to be made with yourself, within yourself and voicing it to yourself, writing it down, placing it where you can see it everyday matters. Small things to help yourself in big changes matter.

· Acceptance – Acceptance of yourself exactly where you are at. You may not be where you desire to be, but you are now aware, have made the decision for change and accepting yourself exactly where you are at will create a great foundation to where you want to go. It starts you on the road to success. Affirming yourself verbally goes a long way especially if done consistently.

· Patience – Be patient with yourself. Any change takes time and work and there might be some hiccups or fails along the way. That’s ok. What truly matters is if you keep going or how you respond to your speed bumps along the way. Remember, your life is a journey, not a sprint.

· Commitment – You need awareness to start the process and make the decision. You need acceptance and patience with yourself to keep you motivated and positive. You need commitment to see it through and follow it until you succeed and accomplished what you set out to do.

It really is that simple but sometimes, it really isn’t that simple. Commitment takes conscious dedication consistently.

Hmm, Kelly. Any good news here? Yes, there is!

You can do it. You have the power of choice to do it. And the power is in your hands for your choosing to begin, continue and reach.

More good news…..once you accomplish your first goal, change, skill, you will be motivated to succeed in another area or take on any habit change or learn a new skill that you have been wanting to for years.

If you have any questions regarding these elements or you want to talk about how I could help you in your goals and desired changes, please connect with me below and I would love to help you in journey.

Next week: - 6 tips in staying positive and motivated through changes and grabbing for those goals.

Until next time,

Kelly Savage

Your Life Coach

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