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Be The Captain Of Your Own Team

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

If you want to confuse yourself quickly, get into a deep discussion with yourself, or learn a fact or 10 of them……read on.

Go ahead and google brains, facts about brains, the mind and all kinds of things will start popping up. You will probably encounter more than you ever wanted to know about these subjects. That is what google can do, right?

You will see articles how the mind and brain are intertwined in definition yet differences of explanations of how they act separately and how they are alike and so forth. You must really weed through the information and take the chicken off the bone and throw away the bones.

You will see articles about the power of the mind, power of the subconsciousness, how feeding your mind can be good or bad depending on thoughts and how you control them, think on them, act on them all the way down to affecting your mind by what you listen to, what you read and on and on.


I did just that and although I love to learn and love to hear interesting facts, it can also be overwhelming, perhaps because my brain doesn’t pick it all up and explain it to me in plain English.

Why do I say all of this or bring this up? That is probably one of your questions right now.

I was thinking about how powerful and amazing the brain is. Approximately 3 lbs. of the most complex organ in the human body, flexible, ever evolving set of neurons, approximately 90 billion plus (Yes, I just learned that fact). It isn’t a muscle, but they liken the brain to a muscle as you can exercise, learn, grow, evolve, and scientists how proven that it changes and gets stronger when we use it.

That’s where it got me thinking. What does that mean about our brain? What does this mean for our mind? Can we exercise these important pieces of our very complex beings? Certainly! Games, puzzle, apps, and more for the brain, mindsets and memories.

Do YOU think of your brain as a muscle? Do you separate mind and the brain? Does that even really matter?

Going one step further, and yes, we are stretching our brains and challenging our minds. How does our mind affect our life and our brain? Do you see them interchangeably?

The brain is the physical matter inside our body, very complex but vital. Our mind is the most puzzling and intangible thing related to the brain. Mind is about thoughts, feelings, emotions, spirit, will, imagination, memory, perception, and more.

So how can we exercise them. How important is this information in our life?

Our gym goers, fitness gurus or just those that like to stay fit and work their bodies focus on certain muscles to tone, and know that if they want to get strong, stay strong, grow larger in muscle mass or just stay fit, the body does need to exercise.

Ok. So that has been proven by research.

Oh yes, research, all the research experiments I found. My mind goes to “how do they get people to do this, how do they measure the results, determine the end results and so on”.

I digress. I am not willing to spend too much time on that, the science of, or debating the differences and commonalities.

Let’s concentrate on our POWER OF CHOICE. BOOM! You know I love those 3 little words.


Where does that leave us? Let’s summarize some facts.

The Brain is a physical organ inside our body. It is vital, important, can be exercised and has been proven to grow and get stronger as it is used.

The mind is powerful. Thoughts are powerful. That can go for good or bad thoughts and how much we concentrate on them, repeat them, the mind can be exercised, and the mind affects your body, and your body affects the mind. That last sentence is a doozy and yes, we can pick that apart too.

These facts just scratch the surface for both mind and the brain.

Here’s the exciting part; although I hope you learned a fact or two, here’s is where you get to be a player in your own life, with your own brain, your own mind and affecting your own growth and ultimately affecting your path in life.

Mind. Body. Spirit. All these together and separate are important in your life. For your whole health.

We do know how we feel if we really think on certain thoughts. If somebody is bullying us, downplaying us, shutting us down or demeaning us, we realize what a damaging affect it can have on a person. No one can argue that. Especially if we continue to think on those thoughts.

What if you are demeaning yourself? Putting yourself down? Repeating things in your mind that you know may be false, but you have picked up the tendency to do so. Perhaps has now become a habit in your life.

What are you thinking? What thoughts are you thinking on? How are you feeding your spirit?

Becoming a player on your own team, for your own life, takes a committed decision. It takes the power of choice phrase and requires it to become action for you to take in your life.

Is it easy? Most will say no. Because it isn’t.

Perhaps you have been demeaning yourself and struggling with seeing the best of you for a long time. Maybe you have had history of others saying things to you and you have believed those things and you can’t see anything differently. Maybe it is what you heard from childhood, and you revisit the thoughts just because it feels familiar or all you know. Perhaps you don’t know where to start.

Hence this podcast. I see this all the time. It breaks my heart. I have been there and conquered a lot of the same of what I am speaking of right now. I see people suffering, I see depression, I see hopelessness and I see people not fully grasping their power of choice for their own life.

My prayer is that this very podcast helps many. What’s the Butterfly Thought that flew in? This time it was a reminder of what I am passionate about. Helping people. Helping people starts with me putting my own fears down, my own struggles, my own self-consciousness in what others could think, will think, and my own self-doubt in order to share some of my life to help others in their journey.

Here is what I want you to hear. If this is you; If you are struggling with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and you want to become a player on your own team, better yet, captain of your own team…..first, know that it is possible.

If you are ready for change, if you are standing up in your spirit right now, just KNOW….. it can be different. The deep part of you that shines through occasionally, saying you know it can be different pops up in you to remind you of that fact.

Here is another fact. It starts with you. No one is going to change you, make you start in a different direction, carry your weight in the action needed, no one. You can have support, you can have encouragement from others, and that can be very helpful, but they cannot do it for you.

After you choose to start, it only continues with your actions and it takes time and commitment. It is a journey and not a sprint. The acceptance of that fact right from the beginning is vital.

I have been there. I still get there at times. I mix my own power of choice breakthroughs with my knowing I am the key player, the one that it starts with and the one that continues to take action…..and mixing it with prayer , love for myself, hope that it can be different and faith that it can be done.

And let me assure you, that is a powerful mix!

Head on over to my chapter in my book “Always Ask What If”, Chapter 1 entitled “What minute could change an entire course?” as an audio clip for more on this subject.

Thanks for joining!

With Love,

Kelly Savage

Your Life Coach

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