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A Whole New World

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

I don’t know about you but even that title, “A Whole New World” opens so many different possibilities and thoughts in my mind. How about you? A Whole NEW World.

I saw a friend today.

One I haven’t seen in probably years. I can’t remember how long it has been.

But we were able to not only see one another again but we got to talk.

It is one of those friends that you love to talk to and know you are going to get a good conversation. They get you.

The energy vibes and it is a good energy.

We were talking about life. Things we learned in the last several years.

We are growing a bit more mature, you know, the wisdom that only truly comes with age, life experiences, self-reflection and the different perspectives that we get along the way.

We exchanged the fact that we both LOVE to grow. Let me say that again. We LOVE to grow. Not everyone does. Not everyone likes that challenge, change or breaking down the familiarity and safety of their own thinking.

But we are two people that welcome it. We look forward to it and have come to realize that we can continuously be opened to change, or we can shut it down in an instant.

Ready. Willing. Allow. Those were the words that came to my mind it that instant. Should I say the butterfly thought flew in.

Ready. Willing. Allow

Ready for the change. Ready for different perspectives. Ready for the challenge. Because there will be challenges.

Willing to be changed.

Willing to put down guards. Could be emotional or mental guards that we spent years building and protecting ourselves.

Willing to put down pride within us. The egos that we fight with at times.

Willing to not just open up our minds and allow transformation in our life but being ready to throw some things away in our life that are not good for us.

Allow. Yes, I said allow. And I meant it. We can shut down anything different in our life including the change that should come in our life. The change that is necessary. Even the change that we want but the guards are too thick, too high, or we aren’t willing to be vulnerable to.

We can all shut it down and stay status quo. Stay the same and have nothing change.

Conscious decisions are necessary in growth. Change is necessary in growth.

Wow. Are you getting the picture of just how much you hold the key in self-discovery? Self-reflection? Or even reflection for your surroundings that can hold great power in change that you desire, change that you know needs to be, or just open some doors that will allow different perspectives in?

Are you denying change? That different perspective?

Are you delaying it?

Have you felt it and shut it down?

Have you made the statement “ah, this is just who I am!”, “no changing me”, “that’s just how I think. Period.”, “No, that is just the way it is, and it will never change”.

I have at times. I realized it wasn’t to my benefit if I wanted to grow.

I realized that I was the one to hold the power. There is that power of choice again. The choice to grow or not grow as we desire and choose.

Things will stay the same. Life will move on. And if that is what you want. Ok. I will not argue the point. I won’t even try. I will even respect your decision since that truly is only your decision.

I have always had a natural curious mind. A need to learn per se’. A desire to see things objectively, fully, and to challenge myself. That’s me. Being self-aware is not always easy. Especially when we truly are being self-aware and seeing something inside ourselves that needs to change. Can I say “OUCH!”. I had had plenty of ouch moments already in my life. I don’t see that changing either. That is the ouch of growing, opening up nooks and crannies in your life to heal or change, but also the beauty of growing and I wouldn’t change a thing seeing how far I have come.

I try to use the phrases “Maybe I can learn something”, “Maybe there is a different way“, “I don’t know everything”, I have a lot to learn”, and I can learn it from anyone and in various situations that may even surprise me”

I use those phrases and more. Just in the last few months, I have begun to use the phrase, “the older I get, the more I know how much I don’t know”. That indeed has opened a whole new world in my mind and continues to open up possibilities. I feel that opportunities pop up everywhere now and I am learning exciting new perspectives once again.

The fact is there is always so much more to learn.

It opens a whole new world and could open all kinds of doors of opportunities. Notice I said “could”.

The “could” part is if you are ready, willing and allow. It starts in your heart and the awareness of your power of choice and then the conscious decision that is only yours.

A whole new world awaits you.

Thank you for joining me and have a great day!

~Kelly Savage

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