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Kids Virtual Club - "Developing ME Power!"

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ME Power! Learning the secret behind a successful and happy life by developing self-esteem, self-confidence, honoring your uniqueness, conquering the day to day ups and downs and create daily positive choices for you! 4 stories with activities that parents can do with their child. Stories will be brought to you by Kelly Savage, Certified Wisdom Kids Coach and activities and take away sheets will be sent after each story. Parents are able to sit and watch the video and listen to the stories with their child and as a family, can do the activity that relates to the story and discuss how the story pertains to their life. This is set up to have the story come alive through Kelly and give you the resources and activities to follow up with your child and have time to discuss what is going on in their life. Kelly is also available for one to one individulized sessions and together, parent(s) or guardian(s) can discuss what is needed most in the child's life. FREE Discovery Call to discuss goals and a plan is available.

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