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Life Coaching with Kelly Savage

Helping children and parents
to reach new heights and
become overcomers.

FREE  - "Help Raising a Child in Challenging Times"

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Helping children ......

*Reach new heights

Reduce Anxiety

*Overcome mindsets that work against them

*Gain a greater self confidence

*Learn how to go for what they want

*Navigate through life challenges

*Handle obstacles in life with empowerment

*So much more!


I am Kelly Savage. 


Life Coach, Author, Podcaster, C.P.C. and my favorite titles are wife, mother and grandmother.


What do I want you to know about me most? My heart.

As a Life Coach, my mission is to provide each child with a professional and personal experience and help parents support their children as they navigate new chapters, difficulties and the many issues that can become obstacles in their life and last through adulthood.


I am passionate to reach children at a time in their life that is crucial for foundation building and teach them critical thinking skills to overcome in a world that challenges them at every turn.

Studies in personality, communications, and leadership plus years of experience with management had afforded me a wide range of tools and resources to help my clients. I have studied at The International Coaching Federation (ICF), a leading global organization for coaching and am certified in the Wisdom Coaching Program that is specific for kids and the challenges of today.

Resources like my Podcast, Butterfly Thoughts with Kelly Savage , and my newly published book,, “Always Ask..What If?” serve as resources and tools for parents or the adults in children's lives that desire to grow as well.


As unique each person's personality and life are, so are the issues. Coaching is personalized for each client to help them individually and zone in specific challenges that they are facing.

Thank you for visiting Revivify ME and I would be honored to work with your child on a path that opens doors for confidence, success, and to be able to live their true and authentic self.


Kelly Savage Life Coach

Meet Kelly

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Courses, Services, Coaching & More

  • Kids Life Coaching - One Session

    One On One Mindset Based on Current Need
    Valid for one month
    • FREE Discovery Call with Parent to discuss current need
    • Individual Lesson will be selected based on needs
    • 1 FREE follow up with child for support
    • 1 lesson - 1 week - 60 minute session by Zoom/In Person
    • Handouts for support & to help promote habit changes
    • Discount for 3 mo program or 7 mo program upon completion
    • One on One Coaching with Kelly for more personalization
    • Local clients - in person can be discussed
    • Optional for Christian perspective
  • Kids Life Coaching Plan - 3 mo. program

    Perfect for beginners - Commitment for Change
    Valid for 3 months
    • FREE Discovery Call with Parent to discuss current needs
    • 3 month plan - 2 Critical Mindsets Addressed (10 lessons)
    • 3 FREE follow ups with child for support
    • 45-minute sessions - once weekly for 10 weeks
    • Consistent sessions promotes & supports habit changes
    • Virtual Zoom Meetings or In Person if Local & Desired
    • Can cancel at anytime after 1st month
    • Handouts, Parents support papers and Notebook for Child
  • Kids Life Coaching - Entire Series

    Adventures in Wisdom Series - Covers 27 critical skills and develop overcoming mindsets
    Valid for 7 months
    • FREE Discovery Call with Parents to discuss plan & program
    • 7 month plan - 5 Critical Mindsets (27 skill lessons)
    • 7 FREE follow ups with child for support
    • 50 minute sessions - once weekly - 28 weeks
    • Consistent sessions promote & support habit change that last
    • Virtual Zoom Meetings or In Person if Local and Desired
    • Handouts, Parent Support papers and Notebook for Child
  • Spiritual Coaching - Monthly Program

    Every month
    Coaching His Way - Scriptures, Whispers and Prayer
     30 day free trial
    • Spiritual Coaching - Your Needs & His Guidance
    • Scripture Leads Us in Truth Together
    • Time to Hear His Whispers
    • Prayers for Your Current Needs
    • Cancel Anytime after 30 days
    • First session is FREE - 20 minutes in length
    • Life Coaching Through Scriptures, Whispers & Prayers
    • 30 minute personalized sessions - Once Monthly
  • Package Deal

    Reflexology Membership - Monthly

    Every month
    Nurture Your Feet - Balance Your Body
    Valid for 12 months
    • Once Monthly - 30 Minute Reflexology Session
    • Total 12 sessions within One Year
    • Savings of $120 a year!
    • For Those Serious about Feeling Benefits of Reflexology
    • For local clients only - Reading, PA area
    • Mobile Services can be discussed for an extra fee
    • Online scheduling available
  • Reflexology - One Session

    Nurture Your Feet - Balance Your Body
    • One Session - 35 minutes of reflexology
    • Promote wellness & balance in your body
    • Local Clients Only


Helping children discover and overcome personal obstacles & mindsets that hinder and empower them with transforming thoughts to learn about and claim their personal power

in life and discover that their everyday choices open the door for an empowered and confident life. One thought at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time.

~Kelly Savage

What My Clients say...

Client Review for Kelly Savage

Michele B.

Caring. Compassionate. Genuine. Real.

Kelly encompasses all of those traits and more.

She takes the time to really listen to the reasons behind why I may be feeling sad, angry, depressed. In a very short time, she gives a whole new outlook on my issues at hand.  Kelly’s outlook on life and how to handle the big and little issues is how I strive to be.  She is my go to person, always know what to say and I always go away feeling different.

Kelly Savage Client Review


When I first met Kelly, she quickly became one that I would seek out for advice, her thoughts and her view on things.  Her positive attitude was one that I was craving in my life and her energy that she gives out is not only one of positivity, but also a fresh of breath air.  I have sought her out for her perspectives, have gained different perspectives that have been life changing. I would recommend her as a life coach/mentor for anyone. Her communication skills are excellent, and she puts people at ease, is patient and I never feel judged by her but rather, feel the loves she has for people and her passion to help.

Kelly Savage Client Review

Angeline M.

When I first met Kelly Savage, what impressed me most was how reachable and easy it was to talk with her. 

Kelly’s love for people, how positive and straightforward she is, allows anyone near her to open up, knowing that they are being heard genuinely.

Kelly’s ability to hone in to people’s different personalities and perspectives in life, allows her to bring more to the table than an average life coach.

Kelly’s spirited life and positivity are like a magnet where you are not judged, but, loved and accepted.

Kelly Savage Client Review

Jill F.

I have known Kelly for over 30 years.  Kelly has endured many things in life and for most people, they would have emotionally crumbled or come out on the other side bitter or full of anger.  I have not only seen Kelly endure them with patience, grace and fortitude, I have seen her take all of her experiences and use them as opportunities to grow and help others.  Her passion for people, understanding ways and patience are just a few reasons I would recommend her for a life coach/mentor. Her book release shows her passion for helping others, is very motivating and enlightens to a new way of thinking to anyone desiring growth in their life.

Kelly Savage certification
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